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I founded Balanced Bodies in 1996. The name I choose was apparently a good one, for many other Balanced Bodies have popped up on the web over the years. Hence, my title “The Original Balanced Bodies”.

The focus when starting my company was research and development of natural herbal food products and programs that provided holistic health benefits. My second goal was to present relative information and knowledge to assist people making decisions on products and alternative methods of self-healing.

BB was a company looking towards the future sustained good health of my clients and providing the building blocks for that reality. I believed then, as I do now, there is no better way to insure one's future than the acquisition of good health in your existing body. Additionally, I believe instruction and informational support is the way to achieve that goal. Individuals are then free to choose the products they feel comfortable with for each individual need.

After closing my company and retiring, my love of holistic healing remained. I still consult individually through email with people wanting to learn about alternative methods of caring for themselves and loved ones. I do not charge for this service, as I believe it is my duty to pay my gained knowledge forward.

I no longer produce products for sale, but many former clients expressed interest in learning the process I used to make their own formulas, so they could make them at home. They requested a web based data source.

So we come to focus of Balanced Bodies in 2014. To supply information on a variety of holistic healing methods, herbal formulas for various health concerns, and any other data that crosses their mind or mine.

Please enjoy the site, and email me if you want a particular subject covered. No names or email address will be published on the site.



Leona Nell

Leona Nell writing for Balanced Bodies does not hold herself responsible for individual health care choices. Information contained in any literature or instruction provided by is intended to inform and give choice. It is not the aim of this company to replace or mimic traditional medical advice or treatment.